Posted by: John | September 8, 2008

Top ten signs of a Lib Dem about to defect to the Tories

1. Is an MEP who didn’t make top of the Lib Dem list and has just cleared his office without a personal goodbye to his staff

2. Is all star-struck by Sarah Palin even though he has a Civil Partnership

3. Is someone who has kept his extreme cultural views `in the closet` only to display them once he joined the Tories

4. Likes to ride his bicycle behind a chauffeur-driven car as a pubicity stunt

5. Pretends to eschew the carbon footprint dilemma by telling all his mates that he’s holidaying in Cornwall and is then seen on a yacht in the Caribbean a week later or even on a skimobile near the North Pole

6. Tries to keep quiet that all his mates were educated at Eton, just like himself

7. Finds himself thinking that the party he is in is too controversial and too radical – part of him likes that `nice Mr Blair`

8. Can’t make up his mind as to his friends in Europe- are they Czech or are they Belgian?

9. Is in love with the phrase `I can’t reveal all the policies just yet`

10. If you read his speeches unattributed you wouldn’t know whether they were Tory or Labour


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