Posted by: John | September 8, 2008

Canned response from Cameron

A fellow OUTer ( sent an email to Cameron’s office asking about taxes for single people – actually in relation to green taxes.

The reply was:

Dear xxx,

I am writing on behalf of David Cameron to thank you for your recent email.

We are grateful to you for taking the time to get in touch. David does take on board what people say to him and likes to keep up to date with the range of people’s concerns.

The Environment is a vital issue – we have a responsibility in this generation to make sure we provide a greener and cleaner planet for our children. We simply cannot go on as we are in terms of the way we run Government and live our lives. We want to create incentives for people to help them make greener choices.

We are prepared to make tough choices. We have been honest, and have said very clearly that taxes on pollution will go up. Yet, those increases will be offset pound for pound by reductions in family taxes to help people meet the rising cost of living.

Our approach is completely different to Labour’s. Gordon Brown has given green taxes a bad name by using them as additional stealth taxes. We believe taxes on pollution can play an important role in tackling climate change, but only if they are replacement taxes, matched with tax reductions elsewhere. That is why we have established a family fund into which all of the new taxes on pollution will go. That money will be ring-fenced – no civil servant will be able to get their hands on it – and it will be independently audited. So, as taxes on bad things, like pollution, go up; taxes on good things, like families, will come down.

Once again, thank you for writing.

Yours sincerely,


This completely doesn’t answer the correspondents’ question – or rather it does – zilch. Part of it sounds like a response to someone that doesn’t believe in green taxes – but then i suppose that’s the general idea – just a `catch-all` response to the general Conservative and soft conservative questioner.

How pathetic!


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