Posted by: John | September 2, 2008

The problem with the BBC

The problem is is that they have bought into the whole Labour/Conservative market norms.

Take for example the latest edition of `You and yours` on the housing market. There simply wasn’t enough depth – no real deep thinking about any other SYSTEMS that could be used except for the trophy Tory Kirsty Allsopp (again) saying not very much we didn’t know before except that it’s nothing to do with her shows.

When will we be putting pressure on the BBC to do some REAL broadcasting about the economy and the housing market.

Once the dust has settled on the three conferences I think it’s something for which we should be campaigning. Let’s DEMAND better broadcasting – for the better it is the better it looks for us.



  1. The problem with the BBC is it has no reason to create better broadcasting. It has guaranteed income through taxation. Why should it bother creating good programming?

  2. You’re saying ITV’s better!

  3. Better? Worse? It’s not even different. They compete to make housing make-over programmes and esoteric reality shows. The fact that tax-payers’ money pays for Last Choir Standing is a disgrace!

    ITV is of course hardly part of the free market either: it is part of a commercial oligopoly with Ch4 and Ch5.

    Personally, I watch exclusively cable and largely TV on demand, for which I pay about as much as I pay for the licence fee that I am obliged to pay for channels I don’t watch, and receive dedicated documentary channels, music channels, sports channels, news channels and so on.

  4. That is the end your choice – in my opinion though the BBC has to become the broadcaster of first resort by changing and broadcasting to a higher standard.

    As for `last choir standing` i thought it was a good attempt at raising the game of the musical `reality shows`.

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