Posted by: John | September 1, 2008

Shame on you Iain Dale!

Iain Dale seems to have taken up the cause of one Sarah Palin and attacking `liberal blogosphere` particularly in the United States.

What is unfathomable is that he supports this woman who simply doesn’t believe in the social reforms in the UK of which he has availed himself with his partner. He seems not to want his Lesbian and Gay compatriots to have the same life as himself. Extraordinary. Whatever anyone may think about the Sarah Palin issue you’d think that even this might make him stop and think.

It is clear that this woman is from the far right on cultural issues in the US – she would be beyond the pale and a joke in the UK. Yet not only does he not fact-check anything about her before tapping out his blog he has to have others bloggers do it for him.

Yes she did allow same-sex benefits to Alaskan state employees – yet only because the Constitution of Alaska forced her hand.

Heaven forbid a McCain/Palin win – you can be sure that the religious right will want their pound of flesh in Supreme Court appointments and changes to the Constitution.

It seems to be a feature of the right that they try to use up the non-right’s time by getting them to do all the work in checking somebody out – a job they should be doing themselves. Not responsible but they are often sneaky and `delegate` such matters instead of taking the time to change.

What is the point of Iain Dale if this is the sort of adulation of a far right Republican and lack of fact-checking that goes on on his blog?



  1. Iain Dale doesn’t posess a sense of shame, I’m afraid.

  2. Pity you don’t take your own advice and read what I actually wrote before commenting. If you had, you would have noticed that I was attacking those on the left who seemed to be attacking her for spurious reasons. I don’t agree with her on several issues, but I don’t give my support based on one issue.

    I also said I have not decided who I would vote for yet. There are 68 days to go and I will be watching the debates with interest before making my decision – not that I have a vote anyway!

    My defence of Palin is based on the attacks made on her by people who know just as little about her as I do. They attack her for inexperience, conveniently forgetting she has more executive experience than Obama, McCain or Biden.

  3. I have reread your posting.

    The problem is that you say people know little about her. That’s the point – we are SUPPOSED to know as little about her (well the bad bits anyway). It’s all to do with the element of surprise – that’s why people do it so that opponents spend precious time doing the other sides dirty work for them!

    How can anyone that has afforded themselves of a Civil Partnership seriously support someone who doesn’t really acknowledge the relationship of her own uncle to another man is beyond me.

    Obama mentioned Lesbian and Gays in his speech – will she? Or McCain?

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