Posted by: John | September 1, 2008

`It’s judgement, stupid`Part II

So the unravelling of the Republican nominee has begun. I was thinking I’d have to wait at least a week for the first layer of the onion to peel off. No, just 72 hours.

Really the spotlight must be on McCain.

Either way it looks like he was `sold a pup` or lied.

I don’t believe he knew about it as `he only met her once`.

One has to ask whether she told the people who supposedly vetted her. Did they vet her? If they didn’t vet her thoroughly what does this show of the way they run the country? What does this show about her? Perhaps THEY didn’t know in which case there’s this obviously stressfully cobbled together press release.

Do the Republicans take governing seriously? It seems they must have lost a layer of the very supporters they were trying to attract. After all, the thinking goes in some Republican circles, how is Sarah Palin supposed to be VP candidate, let alone VP when she has five kids including one with Down’s syndrome AND a daughter with a baby on the way?

Obama/Biden are looking more `solid` by the day.



  1. I don’t think that having 5 children and grand-child should disqualify anyone from office.

  2. Also, of course McCain knew. He’s a Republican, but he’s not an idiot.

  3. No it shouldn’t disqualify anyone – my reference was for the cultural views of the people she’s trying to attract which is the REAL reason she’s on the ballot.

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