Posted by: John | September 1, 2008

Complaint to BBC about Woman’s Hour

`How does having someone from Republicans Abroad, Janet Daley and a Conservative MP makes for editoral balance on the subject of Sarah Palin?

It meant that scant scrutiny was made of her anti-abortion positions and what role this might play with regard to the political price that might be extracted with a McCain/Palin win.`

I really can’t see how this represents balance. I wonder what the BBC will say?



  1. The presenter made mention of her extreme right wing views a couple of times, and specifically the anti-abortionism.

  2. It shouldn’t be the presenter doing it you need a talking head.

    The reason why is because that they didn’t get in-depth about what it will mean regarding future policy.

    It’s dumbing down on the BBC once again.

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