Posted by: John | August 31, 2008

GOP: The culture trap they’ve set themselves

I was astonished to read that Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska had allowed benefits for same-sex couples in Alaska. This was until i read this:

ie – she did it because the law (or the Constitution of Alaska) forced her hand

There is a problem then for McCain in all this.

1. If she can’t actually do anything about things such as this in her own backyard what is the point of a religious right person voting for her?

2. If she IS actually going to do something on things such as this where does that leave McCain’s `Independent moderate` maverick credentials. How can he be on a ticket with someone who actively opposes his policy positions and say it’s a team ticket? If she IS going to do something then how many people who don’t take her extreme positions will be motivated to come out for Obama/Biden?

3.In answer to 1 above perhaps she’ll be putting pressure to change the Constitution to include same-sex marriage to override the Alaskan constitution and others like it?

4. Of course, there is also the thorny subject of Supreme Court judges – will they be stuffed with the Christian Taliban types just like her?

5. Or perhaps she can’t do anything – she’s `only the VP` – in which case it’s just a token prescence for the Religious right.

Whatever happens with someone as extreme as her McCain/Palin will have to state what their views are on these issues.

Can we have some tough questioning of these issues please – even the BBC would do a better job than American MSM.



  1. Palin’s cultural views or “values” (I shudder every time I mention that word) are a boon for the McCain ticket, not a trap. Her small town, down to earth style, and conservative suburban values will chime positively, not negatively with large swathes of the population. The Democrats are better off not trying to label her as part of the Christian Taleban, they’ll lose more votes that way. Not everyone is as liberal as you or I.

  2. But they are a trap in the sense of whether she’ll persuade McCain to do anything about it. Yes i can see how it will be attractive to those people – however, what is the point of it if it will make no difference?

    If it does make a difference then she should say so.

    Whatever, turnout will rise with both campaigns.

    I can see a real hardening though of soft Democrat voters and Hillary supporters in the Obama camp. Obama campaigners need to get on the knocker ASAP finding out whether there are any soft Dems to push the issues of Healthcare, Economy and if possible with the individual voter the cultural issues.

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