Posted by: John | August 30, 2008

`It’s the judgement, stupid`

So now that 24 hours has passed between the shellshock of hearing about Sarah Palin as McSame’s VP let’s see some ways that Team Obama can counteract the phenomenon.

1. Judgement – this is top of the tree – McCain has seen wanting on this and thrown away the experience garb.

2. Seriousness in politics – No more `wing and a prayer` Government as part of Rove playbook manipulation. Transparency needs to be restored in US politics – having Todd Palin `help out` isn’t transparency as the buck must stop somewhere.

3. Economy – This has to be hammered and hammered again and again and again. This will be the issue that swings the election.

4. Energy – no more big oil – this is an Alaskan ticket designed to help Alaska and not to help the USA as a whole with a new energy policy `for the whole nation`.

5. Class – Obama/Biden is simply higher calibre than McCain/

Team Obama have done brilliantly at counteracting the Republican machine – now they have to up their game even further. Thankfully they’ve got THAT SPEECH to fall back on but times require no less.

Carry on using the same new audacious political language that was used in the speech – intelligently rebuff the Republicans and attack attack attack using that audacity showing no mercy using articulate simple messaging.

GOTV – raise morale by registering new voters and plying independents, soft Democrats and soft Republicans with plenty of campaigning. Never stop until the last minute.


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