Posted by: John | August 26, 2008

Are journalists lazy or just thick?

Just watched Larry King Live – felt i could do a better job. He had 4 republicans whose meme was `the Dems are fu**ed as Hillary’s not really involved very much – what happened to the women?` – surely the question should be `when are you going put a woman on the ticket?`. It was pretty obvious that they’d all conferred beforehand to talk about Hillary as a way of trying to siphon off those frustrated Hillary supporters who for some illogical reason are going to vote for McCain.

Another talked about tax cuts and how the Dems would put up taxes – my question would be `and isn’t it your lot who has made the national debt like it is?`. These things aren’t disconnected!

I find the same sometimes of the BBC – very few searching tough questions to the Conservatives.


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