Posted by: John | August 19, 2008

The `lost deputy mayor`shop

I understand the seriousness of losing 3 deputy mayors for Boris Johnson – although people might say that it might be Boris Johnson getting a grip.

In that case surely the CCHQ have f***ed up.

The other thing is how much of London’s taxpayers money been spent on these failed deputy mayors?

It seems that the latest had to go simply because rules that a teenager would know were not complied with. Opposition members of the GLA flagged these up weeks ago.

In my opinion, given the seriousness of the Boris mayoralty, to the Conservative Party showing what it can do for the country shouldn’t we be calling them in on this?

The other thing is that I believe that it would be against the rules for the Conservatives just to fund these people as it would be seen as a subsidy? Fair enough, one would have thought though they could have found senior people to do work gratis simply out of pride – I simply don’t understand why CCHQ didn’t do a free hand-holding exercise with people who no longer need the money given the seriousness of the smooth first 100 days of the Boris mayoralty.

Or am I getting the wrong end of the stick?


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