Posted by: John | August 14, 2008

OUR media outreach

I really want to know how effective our Press/Media office is? For all I know they could be wonderful – yet i think they should be more pro-active.

Three questions really:

1. Do we have bulldog like people ready to effectively spar with producers etc? I don’t mean ask but passionately DEMAND!

2. Are we committed to CHANGING the representational rules of the BBC rather than trying to work within a biased system? If so, how can the membership be engaged in this process? Websites, email trees, demonstrations?

3. What are we doing to promote members writing to papers, ringing up AQ etc? Perhaps we should organise an issue bomb by having loads of people ringing up on one issue – say to talk about a certain point on the Economy say to Any Answers. I’m up for it – are they?

If not why not – it’s OUR party too – if they DO work hard then they should show us so that we can be the outliers pushing our message. The Party should then give a lead as to all the other things activists can do.

If they are not then there should be a radical re-appraisal of what goes on.

Let the Lib Dem Lions raw, growl, purr and provoke!



  1. Your third point rather ignores any self-motivation the general members should have don’t you think? I’ve never needed to be encouraged to write a letter to the paper!

  2. Some just don’t know how to do it or what to say?

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