Posted by: John | August 11, 2008

It’s time to get on the side of plucky little Georgia!

Yes the opinions on South Ossettia and Azkhabia are mixed – yet we must keep our eye on the ball of Georgia `proper`. Russia has no business in Gori or Tbilisi. Having been to Gori and Tbilisi my heart goes out to them.

In the mean time i’ve put a few vids here of Georgian music:



  1. Well, yes, we must sympathise with ‘plucky little Georgia’ but we must also ask what the f*** the Georgian President was doing when he decided to launch a war against Russian peacekeepers. RUssia is not exactly the most stable and peacable country, after all…

    A child of five could have seen the outcome.

    So while we will all no doubt sympathise with the Georgians, their President has made George W. Bush look like a statesman!

  2. I was in Georgia last summer, had a great time, really liked the people, and feel pretty rotten about the current crisis. This, however, doesn’t mean we should be on Georgia’s “side”. This is not a simple act of aggression by an evil autocracy against a small young liberal democracy. Lets wise up a little and then maybe we’ll understand the wider consequences and reasons for this war (think missile defence, Ukraine, Rose Revolution, Iran, and BTC to name but a few). It infuriates me how stupid people are being about this conflict, framing it in moral absolutes carefully dusted off from the Cold War. Get Real.

  3. I agree which is why we need to BOLSTER Georgia – Russia needs no bolstering – unfortunately what’s done is done and we have to come to a decision. The west looks like it’ll act to protect whatever agreement is made and protect those borders by peacekeeping.

    What we need now though is for the West to support Sakaashvilli a bit by working for some sort of vision that could entice western and other visitors.

    First it’ll start with the Independent travellers then onto the packagers.

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