Posted by: John | July 20, 2008

Labour’s 35% problem: Is Brown psychologically subnormal?

The current Labour problems have i think three sources:

1 Iraq – this clearly played a part in them shedding votes from BME people and professional middle classes/lefty liberal crowd. This was most famously witnessed at Brent East and whomever set up the tv cameras to film a black family cheering Sarah’s win needs a gold star. Brent East was the fracturing of the traditional Labour coalition of BME/Working class Irish/Traditional Working Class and Middle Class professionals.

2 10% tax – this has clearly shown the Labour brand up as totally venal or incompetent.

3. 2005 election

This is what i call the 35% problem. I wondered after just how the Labour Government would be treated with having the lowest percentage of the popular vote of any winning party in a GE. What would they do? How would journalists react? After all to have such a disparity between a terribly low percentage with about 58% of the seats one needs to tread carefully.

They haven’t. What has happened has been total abuse – enough to bring in the social workers.

If you have this situation you better make sure you include and listen to as many different voices as possible. You’d better be damn sure too that you are nigh on perfect and competent to earn the trust that this privilege entitles you.

What actually happened?

First, Gordon Brown played sadistic mindgames with the British electorate over the election that never was. It’s like someone having power over you then saying `I don’t know when to bully you, now or later`.

This was a power (when to call the election) he totally abused. Many people felt he shouldn’t have that right anyway.

Then there was the 10% fiasco – basically abusing the trust of his core supporters to hold on to support of Middle England. This went wildly wrong when the Economy has taken a downturn.

Then there’s the defensive framing of what’s going on saying it’s to do with the `global downturn` when for years he has peacocked around with hubristic arrogance saying it’s all to do with HIM nothing to do with the global boom. It’s clear he has presented himself fraudulently as having powers that he doesn’t have and is being found out. As one lifelong Labour member said to me who tore up his card a couple of years back – i took them at their word over the economy though i had my misgivings. It seems that they didn’t have a clue about what they were doing – either on economics or politics. He like many Labour supporters now don’t know where to turn. We must provide the answers.

At heart is the fact that it would have been better for Labour to have forfeited the thousands of votes they stole from us because these people feared the Conservatives – and gone into NOC in 2005. Now they’re fu**ed for a generation.

I have serious worries that Gordon Brown is subnormal with mental health problems.



  1. It is quite sick that a party could win a majority on 35%, it’s just findamentally wrong. There should be a public outrage, but the public are too disillusioned with politics to care if the politicians are using the FPTP system to do what they like. That’s sad.

  2. It would only be enough to bring in the social workers if the social workers weren’t probably on strike…

  3. Do not worry there is a revolution brewing out there and soon there will be a Boudicea style national upheaval like will never be seen again.

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