Posted by: John | July 17, 2008

Make it happen

Now this is what i voted Nick Clegg for!

I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again, we are in the lead of all the parties when it comes to the net.

I like the way the pdf looks – it feels modern and is modern. I think the emphasis on giving people power by breaking the deadlock by the power systems of the other two parties is timely.

The next thing is to GET IT OUT THERE!

Can the party produce this in low-cost colour format (or a precis of it) for leafletting?

Can we get this on the BBC etc – change the rules of engagement for that organisation so that the ideas and campaigning that flows from it is well-publicised?

What about helping the normal activists who want to get something that comes out of the `make it happen` agenda and own it for themselves (thanks to Duncan B for his lead – i will follow it up).

Can we have a party organisation that not only administers things but helps campaigners fully and works around them? In the NW we have first class people but the strategy methinks need harder-headed thinking. This is a two-way process – the party helps the campaigner in return for results.


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