Posted by: John | July 15, 2008

It’s time to REALLY challenge Cameron

It’s quite clear from Today Prog this morning that Cameron will only be quite strongly interviewed and when it comes to his answers are very theoretical.

The answer is always about NOT saying anything tough nor put forward any radical suggestions. He’s basically Blair Mark II – none of what he said today couldn’t have been said by Blair today.

What we need are the following:

1. Us to challenge Cameron about what he would do TODAY – not just echoing Brown on the economic situation then saying he can’t look 2 years in advance.

2. Us talking about SOLUTIONS – to all the things that are wrong and stating things as they are and what needs to be done

3. Challenging the BBC to CHANGE THE RULES on media representation

Whereas Cameron just wants to keep the system as it is we want to change the rotten system for good.


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