Posted by: John | June 26, 2008

Henley campaign breaks new ground – let the feast of Stephen commence!

Whereas I had great reservations about our campaign in C&N – I have no reservations about the Henley by-election campaign.

Doing the Bette Midler work that I do `ring ring – from a distance!` you learn to get a real feel for the way a campaign is going. Each `tone`of a campaign is individual – this one has been sparky, fun and engaging. Telephone canvassers love hard-fought campaigns – it means that people have a real opinion about what’s going on ie Tories hate it and are rude or gruff, Lib Dems love it as they are properly represented and those undecided voters can give you a reason why they are floating.

The whole point is to get voter ID – not to persuade people (though you can do this on the margins) and to be the `icing on the cake` to what’s going on on the ground – ie doorknocking and the leaflets.

The website breaks new ground – using all the tools to engage people in the modern age and looks stunning! I love the Youtube rotations. Well done to the IT team.

Thanks for giving us a great time phoning you people.

Whatever happens tonight, there should be at least a good result tonight.

And as the couple would say on Catherine Tate – `and this is in Henley!`


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