Posted by: John | June 25, 2008

The Tories haven’t changed!

As a member of the LGBT social networking site OUT Everywhere (I encourage anyone, whatever their sexuality, to take a look) I have a Tory nemesis whom I often spar with.

He recently added to a thread i started `Henley Lib Dems start campaigning`.

He took issue with the Lib Dems over the big sign over the wine shop in Thame. My own view is that perhaps compromise could be reached but what the hell it’s only until Thursday.

I asked `whether the Conservatives would desist in putting up stakeboards on public land ie verges (something i saw in C&N). His answer summed it up `why?`.

Un-fucking-believable. I’m now explaining that grass verges should be sacrosanct and are no places for political advertising. Why should I have to explain it? So the fact that someone has put up a big board in her own flat shouldn’t be allowed as it decreases trade but they should be able to put up posters on public land – do they think they own the place!

These guys haven’t changed.



  1. The Tories are Tories – they just cant help it! They will never change – if they did they would cease to exist…………………………. bliss.

  2. The secret is to report the signs on verges – then they get charged by the council for removal! I did that once – it did not go down well on the election expenses!

  3. I wonder if the shop has actually lost any trade, or if they just object politically. The wording of the note in the shop window is odd. They apologise if anyone is “offended” by the poster – why would anyone be offended by an election poster in the run-up to a by-election, even if they didn’t support the LDs?

  4. The Conservatives seem to think they should have some kind of monopoly to put up billboards. Probably they introduce a law aiming to just that when they get to power.

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