Posted by: John | June 17, 2008

Pegs. Check. Magna Carta. Check

After much reflection I think Nick did the pragmatic thing over the David Davis election.

You can’t defeat a knight in shining armour, it would have looked churlish to fight it and it would have cost an enormous amount of money and energy that we can ill afford as we are currently fighting another and have just trod water in the first.

The cards dealt us a strange hand and we seem to have played them to best longer-term advantage.

If I were an elector at Haltemprice & Howden I would ask the Davis camp for a `Lib Dem voting Davis this time` poster and ostentatiously put a peg on my nose and a `copy` of Magna Carta under my arm.

As an point of interest what will be the description on the ballot paper? If it doesn’t have Independent in the title somewhere I’d spoil the ballot paper and put Lib Dem.


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