Posted by: John | June 14, 2008

It’s about Murdoch, Stupid!

Isn’t it ironic how Murdoch’s sticky fingers are all over recent events.

First, our esteemed Prime Minister has to go into coalition with the DUP to look macho for the Sun (judging from recent copies the Mirror is just Pravda anyway).

Then David Davis decides to call a by-election. Mr Brown again doesn’t know what to do – should he stand and be defeated or not stand and be called frit?

Then there’s Kelvin Mackenzie – Murdoch’s mouthpiece. If he stands it provides a dilemma for both Cameron and Brown. For Cameron it’ll mean deciding whether to stand above it all so as not to provoke the wrath of Murdoch or to help Davis which will mean trying to slay a hideous dragon that distorts power. For Brown it’s much worse – If he puts up a candidate they’ll lose big time and it’ll be blamed on 42 days – if he doesn’t then Labour will be represented by a Sun pseudo-fascist pig.

No wonder Harriet Harman was saying that it’s all a stunt. As Vince said `that line can only last 24 hours`.

I think it’s wise to watch from the sidelines.



  1. I’ve always found it fascinating that the EU is remorselessly accused of being ‘undemocratic’ & ‘faceless bureaucrats’ etc whilst the unelected president of the world and his media organs can apparently control the democratic outcome & no-one says a word.
    Remember it ‘Was the Sun wot dunnit’

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