Posted by: John | June 12, 2008

Thirty pieces of silver anyone?

If the C&N and local elections were the beginning of the end of New Labour last nights’ tawdry goings-on must have surely spelt the very end of the end for them.

Has it really come to this? That the Prime Minister of Britain forced a vote for legislation that is unlikely to be passed or to be effective is incompetently camp enough; to do it about our own cherished freedoms without good cause is serious and dangerous enough; Yet then to have to sell it with petty bribes and larger backhanders to a collection of homophobic ranters just about sums up where Gordon Brown has taken his party and British democracy. The fact that these 9 were, according to broadsheet reports, cavalier and sneering about it should shock the political system as to how craven and weak Gordon Brown is – a cheapening of the role of Prime Minister we haven’t seen since the last one over Iraq.

If Gordon Brown had any decency he’d resign his position forthwith and either go to the country or ask for a Labour election. The problem is that decency as defined by him is anything that helps Labour’s electoral chances.

If Labour retain power (surely no-one’s betting on it) then we really do have the government we deserve and the country would not deserve anything better.

My feeling is that this will really nail the coffin into the New Labour project. The three contributions that really sprang to mind yesterday were David Davies’s (passion and fervour), Sir Ming’s (a class act bar none) and without doubt the best goes to Diane Abbott (an extroadinary conjunction of passion, truthtelling and preciseness) who can walk tall tonight among her constituents in Hackney North and Stoke Newington. What indeed she’s still doing in that party beggars questions.

It’s with a heavy and angry heart that I see in my mind’s eye a picture of a barrow boy exclaiming `come and get your lovely bribes here – any price for a vote`.



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