Posted by: John | May 27, 2008

Meral is right

The problem for Labour is that there is a sense that the New Labour project has given altruism a bad name. Gone are the days when the Middle Class Intellectuals supported Labour against their better financial judgement so as to help those less fortunate than themselves. They simply give them a wide berth and vote Tory as it’s the same and that Cameron’s a nice bloke or they vote Lib Dem, Green or Respect depending on the figures.

They’ve given altruism a bad name too as all they’ve done really (apart from the NMW and other things both financial and to do with equality – and let’s be smart no-one talks against these anymore) is shuffled money around by stealth lest they are seen to snub `Mondeo Man`. Their problem is that even these people have had enough due to the 10p fiasco. The 10p issue to the professional middle classes was to do with fairness, after all their cleaner, lollipop lady, postman or doctor’s receptionist lost out on this.

To the Mondeo man it’s more to do with the fact that they’d bought into New Labour, and specifically Brown, KNOWING WHAT HE WAS DOING!  They no longer think that and thus the raison d’etre of voting New Labour has been swept away for a generation. Not only did they realise he didn’t know what he was doing but perchance could it all have been due to luck anyway – could it be, they think, that they just overspent regardless to buy their votes without thinking about the consequences?

The Conservatives are simply all things to all people and what we have to do is to start challenging them about their policies, or lack of. Will they keep tax credits? At each stage we should smartly challenge them – what would you do today?

When can we do this – NOW, in the Henley byelection. No more vacuous glossy leaflets – more things that make people think.



  1. John – loved the title of this blog. My kids need to take note of this – not that they will!
    But seriously, I’ve been struck that those of us not part of this great conspiracy, right across the political spectrum, Labour supporting commentators, and the Labour party rank and file, have just kept silent for years. Now that it looks like they may lost the next general election, they’ve all found their consciences, and voices!

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