Posted by: John | May 20, 2008

Eurovision ’08 first semi-final

Just a reminder to folk to watch BBC at 8 where the first 19 songs are shown to be whittled down to 10 by televote. My scoring is in brackets.

This is my cut-out and keep guide:

1. Montenegro – good opener – standard Montenegrin chug-along rock pop fayre by the guy who represented them last year. In 2007 he was slaughtered by his ugly song – this year it’s of a higher standard. (7/10)

2. Israel – Dreary little number that is busy flatly going nowhere. On the CD he can’t even sing. (0/10)

3. Estonia – This is not a song I like – it’s like a nutter that you can’t get rid of (3/10)

4. Moldova – the new Eurovision Lounge rears its head again after Lithuania’s entry last year. This is like a modern take of Manhattan Transfer – pleasant and inoffensive let me give it an inoffensive score (5/10)

5. San Marino – this starts out like a dreary telling off from the Pope himself though stick with it as it ends pretty contemporary and redeems itself. Not a winner though. (5/10)

6. Belgium – Eurovision meets Gilbert O’ Sullivan – another Eurolounge number – rather likeable pretty ditty that stretches the genre and necessary. (8/10)

7. Azerbaijan – Their debut performance is a fantastic debut – Caucarabian beats meet Europera meets rock in a satisfyingly integrated contemporary platter of divinity (10/10)

8. Slovenia – Swinging NRG that is popular from this country – though the song is a bit sub-standard in this competitive market. Nothing terrible about it though (7/10).

9. Norway – lovely ballad that is very old school (7/10)

10. Poland – A rather interesting ballad that keeps you guessing and engaged. Mostly old school with a nod to the present. (7/10)

11. Ireland – there is always a naysayers song and this year Ireland has it. It tries very hard to conceal its cleverness! (7/10)

12. Andorra – Great Abba-esque NRG that only Eurovision does – and of course does it better than anyone else – so get those feet tapping and hips swaying and ask the local DJ to play it. This is more Marble staircase than low-level Steps! (9/10)

13. Bosnia – Another top-notch piece of ethnic turbo folk that these folk specialise in. No wonder Eastern Europeans win when they look after everyone so well with their supremely crafted think of all the details sounds (10/10)

14. Armenia – Caucarabian beats a la Armenian stylee – classic fayre that chugs along nicely (7/10)

15. Netherland – this is very Dutch mor pop – inoffensive though laboured lyrics at the start. Bit bland (7/10)

16. Finland – Lordi II i’m – very Finnish style Metal Rock though with a synthesiser dance beat cunningly playing underneath. Bit old-hat now though to win. (8/10)

17. Romania – Poor man’s Joe Dolce meets very poor man’s Mariah Carey in a bland. Make the tea (0/10)

18. Russia – the boy is back after his second placing in `06 – a song about self-confidence that is the new style Eastern pop that’s been slowed down without taking away the interest. Somehow it’s slightly less satisfying than the other songs from the Eastern countries on tonight (9/10)

19. The evening is rounded off with a brilliant Greek pop flourish – great lyrics top quality and one that could be a club smash in the Summer. Oh i forgot it’s been on Eurovision that’ll never do! (10/10)



  1. i can’t believe ireland didn’t make it to finals. it just shows eurovision is a mess.

  2. hah, better luck next year – you picked estonia? please g-d never let me listen to this man’s music collection…

    Israel should’ve been top of your list buddy

  3. Eat your HEART Israel is in the final.

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