Posted by: John | May 14, 2008

It’s an utter shambles!

Let’s say it as it is about this Labour government. It’s an utter shambles – and they couldn’t run a McDonalds let alone an economy.

First, there was the cynical tax grab from lower earners to give as an election bribe to middle-income earners.

Second, there was the spun out gesture to Mr Field that was then dissected and rejected.

Now there’s this hotchpotch of a curate’s egg designed to buy off Mr Field a second time.

The first was for the election that never was, the second for local elections that were the most disastrous in living memory while the last is for the 22nd May – methinks that there’s an ongoing historic theme here – anyone told Mrs Shenton (Mr Timpson doesn’t need the money with his mansion lol).

Has there ever been such utter and total political incompetence since 1992?

This has been one political, economic and psephological disaster zone – let’s hope Gordon Brown stays!

What’s totally clear is that either a) GB is the worst political Prime Minister ever or b) he simply can’t add up – either way we would be asking him to please step aside.

With Vince as our Treasury man it’s time to get him everywhere to show up the Brown/Darling show.


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