Posted by: John | May 11, 2008

This is just crass!

Labourhome are getting their pants in a twist over a Lab leaflet in Crewe –

It’s one of those leaflets that make you realise that Labour are flailing about for ideas – this is real core core vote stuff and offensive on grounds of taste and decency.

Will it work?


  1. You haven’t seen the half of it!

    I saw a Labour leaflet today which had the following elements:

    A large picture of a looming, faceless, hooded youth
    A big “SOFT ON YOBS” headline with a graphic of a punching fist
    A quote from Tamsin Dunwoody suggesting she wanted to “crack yobs’ heads together”

    What a lovely way to turn 80% of people (and 100% of young people) off politics for good!

    Do you think they actually realise how shrill their campaigning has become?

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