Posted by: John | May 8, 2008

Liberal Revolution disagrees with Libdem Revolution!

I saw the very good blog and have to disagree with it.

It’s not because there’s anything wrong in proving we can be entrusted with power by `getting into bed` with one party or another – it’s just that it would be a game orchestrated by the other players. As it stands we have front bench spokesmen and women that could knock the other parties into a cocked hat. If you watch BBC Parliament you will see brilliant contributions every day from our party – from my recollection Norman Lamb MP on Zimbabwe sanctions comes to mind or Mark Hunter on BBC World Service. These are just two examples of work behind the scenes.

The problem is that the path to power has to be smart and courageous. I can only see a few ways forward.

1. Building up even further a Local Government base – in Stockport we have done just this by sheer hard graft and streetfighting. We ensure the Council is well-run, delivering on what people want, then we publicise this through Focus. We consider ourselves as not just campaigners but `warriors` – we don’t give up territory lightly. Agents in target seats are encouraged to be `chief of staff of localised warriors`. Genghis Khan is the only way to be!

2. Saying nationally that we have solutions – without regard to what others are saying. Presenting those solutions and policies fearlessly. No looking over shoulders!

3. Tackling the media relentlessly – let’s face it journalists are lazy and want nothing more than an us against them fight. They are not really interested in scrutinising Cameron anymore than he is. It’s our job to say to the BBC and others `OI! get off your fat arses and tell the real truth`. I wonder whether this really is happening – I sometimes doubt it!

4. Believing in ourselves and just punching them down when they misrepresent us. Another truth: locally we used to let the opposition parties get away with murder not wanting to `rock the boat`. Now we let them get away with a lot less and guess what there’s no complaints as it’s a fair fight and they actually respect us! Even when issues are taken to their nth degree of consultation when the time’s to say `enough’s enough` then we just stop say we’ve come to a decision and let the electorate decide.

5. Remember elections are just a modern form of warfare between tribes – it goes right back to ancient times in our DNA – once the warfare ends and the dust has settled we then can see where the ground lies and work out policies with the system that is on offer (assuming we fight them the way they have set the system up!). Then is the time to sit and work with other parties!





  1. “Liberal Revolution disagrees with LibDem Revolution!”

    Down with the Judaean People’s Front! Splitters…

    I’m with you on this one, and am reminded of my slightly unlovely puberty analogy. We’re too big and successful now to be treated like little kids, and the other parties feel the need to bring us to heel – hence all the name-calling and aggro we get merely for behaving like a normal big party. Any sort of negotiation at this stage would, as you say, be on their terms and not ours, and it would probably be framed with the distinct intention in mind of weakening us. Nick was reassuringly definite about this yesterday, as he has been all along. I think it’s a question of exhibiting the behaviour of a party that expects to be in government in its own right. Sooner or later it will sink in that we’re not just doing all this to provide sketch material.

    More to say later on point 3, tho.

  2. […] approach, with which I would guess we all concur, albeit with the odd bit of heartening militancy, is simply to find ways round them. The country is full of local newspapers whose reportage people […]

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