Posted by: John | April 27, 2008

Sick of these new labour apologists

I’ve mentioned before about Mariela Frostrup – i think she represents everything bad about new labour. Don’t get me wrong she does a good book programme – but on politics she doesn’t seem to have a clue.

First, she’s well-off and lives as far away as possible from a Council estate. All she experiences is her own middle-class well-heeled neighbourhood – just like a lot of Labour people.

Second, she’s not that bright politically – she seems to think that new Labour is the sum thing that can actually be achieved against the tories. She fails to understand that the system might need to change.

Third, (although latterly it’s changing) she refuses to admit she’s a staunch Labour supporter (could she be a member?)

Fourth, she says of the Lib Dems `oh that wishy-washy lot` – not having met any Lib Dems who represent ordinary people (not the Hampstead set).

New Labour have so ran out of ideas or of having any solutions to anything that they court groups of voters in a system of `divide and rule`. Witness the 10p tax – abolished to appeal to middle england or, and let’s be brutal about it, more specifically certain polling districts where people cravenly check the tax rates under Lab or Tory and vote accordingly. This was all to do with seeking votes in marginal Lab/Con constituencies thus shitting on their own people. They thought Labour people would just swallow it!

Problem is that it could have worked if people were getting good pay rises, their houses were gaining in value and prices were steady. Now that isn’t so it brings it all up in sharp relief.

People just think they have no soul – the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

To add insult to injury you get Mariela Frostrup being paid to do adverts to get people to claim their tax credits – someone who doesn’t have to think about paying extra for that organic focaccia from the over-priced minimart.

Then you get the fact that the solution that has been chosen to address some of the upsets of the losers of the 10p tax will be non means-tested – ie the increase in the winter fuel allowance goes to ALL pensioners including older MPs. Yet, if you’re a childless couple or a single person on less than about £12,500 you have to suffer the indignity of going cap in hand with your 40-page forms to claim that extra £20 a week.

If that wasn’t barmy enough you have the very people administering it claiming the tax credits too!

Let’s be clear it’s all an utter shambles.





  1. “not having met any Lib Dems who represent ordinary people (not the Hampstead set)”

    Cough cough! No need for that, old chap.

    I may be wrong, but I seem to remember reading somethng by Frostrup a while ago in which she recalled buying her first flat – as a 20-something in Notting Hill. Fizzy white wine socialist, methinks.

    P.S. If you’re not aware of it already, find the Atlantis to Interzone remix by Crystal Castles. Quality, like. Or e-mail me and I’ll MP3 it to you.

  2. I resent the implication that Hampstead Liberal Democrats, or the people they seek to represent, are wishy-washy. So, I am sure, does Ed Fordham, ppc for Hampstead and Kilburn.

  3. Sorry I meant the Hampstead Labour set – I am having to do this when i break from leafletting terraced houses and council blocks!

  4. Given my previous comment about the fair Mariella (19th April) & media balance I would like to express my appreciation to Matthew Engel who did me the courtesy of replying to my message. And it was not an automated reply. He must get many messages and such good manners should be publicly acknowledged before they become totally extinct.

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