Posted by: John | April 19, 2008

I hate that Mariella Frostrup!

Ever since she was on that prog saying `I always vote Labour – Lib Dems are so wishy-washy`. Now she’s doing adverts urging people to take up their tax credits!

Nice work if you can get it. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. I take it she isn’t entitled to any – the patronising rich elitist.

She represents all that is wrong with New Labour today – completely out of touch with ordinary working men and women.



  1. Of course we’re wishy washy. Opposing that illegal war: shocking adherance to the rule of international law.

    Silly mare.

  2. Mathew Engel writing in the FT of 19th March ‘OPPOSITION’S ATTRACTIONS’ bewails the lack of effective opposition. I sent him the following by Email.

    ‘There is a Party that has been as effective an opposition as the electorate, our undemocratic electoral system, and the media has allowed it to be. Indeed it has often punched above its’ weight AND has realistic & different policies on our major issues. What a shame that in an otherwise excellent (as always) article you failed to even mention the Liberal Democrats.

    Yes the LibDems have their shortcomings but how anyone on less than say
    £50k a year can believe that the Tories will do them some good defies
    rational thought. Yet many clearly do so think including my next door
    nieghbour – a one man band Newsagent! It takes about 90000 votes to elect a
    LibDem MP and some 35000 to elect Tory/Labour one. Even on Iraq I have had to
    complain to the BBC & others that the Tories do NOT represent an opposition.
    On most issues, in most media, most of the time, the statistics I have collected
    show that only Tory & New Tory (sorry Labour) get a look in’. END

    As I have said so boringly on this blog so many times we just have to keep chipping away at it.

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