Posted by: John | April 14, 2008

Shall we elect the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

Listening to Hazel Blairs this morning defending the Labour government I wonder what game she was playing?

It’s all to do with going through the hard times and we’ve got to stick with it. Ah, but who has caused it all?

Oh, so it’s nothing to do with this – then basically you can have any party in power as it doesn’t really matter? Which is it?

Perhaps then you can directly elect the Chancellor?

It’s a laugh but not totally unserious.




  1. First law of being a politician is to claim credit for good news & absolution from bad, even if one had nothing to do with either.

    This Government & its’ predecessor had (& have) a messianic belief in the beauty & sanctity of the unfettered market to cure all ills & bring us all to Utopia. Now that they have seen what this actually achieves they are in denial.

    When a Financial Times editorial [12th April] says: ” The popular perception (of Bankers) is of an industry populated by clever crooks who manufactured toxic derivatives of subprime loans, repackaged them to look succulent, and sold them on to greedy fools.” and “Most people are looking not at the banks’ losses but at the bankers gains. They have noticed that when the music stopped some of the dance partners [still] left the floor with their pockets stuffed with cash”: one might expect that even the intellectually challenged in Government might notice.

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