Posted by: John | March 29, 2008

Is the tide turning?

I note today’s Telegraph headline – `feel-good factor down to its lowest level ever`. I have a theory that the difference
between Labour winning and losing is the performance of the Economy and how much they could spin the line that `it’s an economic miracle caused by Gordon Brown`. The fact is that it was all
a bit la-la land. Let’s face it they’ve over-egged that pudding for years. I often sat back and thought
`this doesn’t seem real – al a bit lop-sided`.

Where I live house prices have gone up three fold in ten years – leaving scores of people out of the housing market.
Yet a Labour Government stopped houses from being
built stopping the British dream.

I think the point is that people feel they’ve been sold a lie – on Iraq they were sold a lie but were willing to ignore it as
long as the Economy stayed strong.

My feeling is that the electoral system will be Labour’s undoing. The sort of people they attracted
in 1997 were the sort of Soft Conservative women who liked to look after the purse strings and the sort of `dead zone` people who are simply only
interested in one thing – will i have tuppence hapeney more with Labour rather than with the Tories.  They tend to be
crabby and uninspiring that think that watching Come Dine with me is a culturally enriching experience.

Add to that the albeit hard working `I’m alright Jack` crowd you have the makings of a perfect electoral storm.

Rather like the sub-prime disaster in the US the effects of which have only reached the more deprived areas and those areas like in Fla with a glut of housing you know it will reach its peak when it hits Manhattan – the same is happening maybe with the Labour vote. First it’s Basildon man and middle England – then it will hit Reading and the Thames Valley until it ends up with the Northern areas.

The problem for Labour is that there are signs that it won’t just be the middle England Tory v Labour dynamic but the
Labour v Lib Dem dynamic in the Conservative no go areas.

I have been watching from afar astonished that nothing so far has happened – now i see the winds of change I will be
watching with renewed vigour.


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