Posted by: John | March 13, 2008

Johann Hari is right: It’s make or break time with the USA

I agree with every word.

To my mind this is the biggest chance for Americans to break free of quasi-fascist junta-like reactionary barriers to a liberal society.

Obama’s not faultless but what he does have is the new mindset for change.

The only person that can beat McCain is Obama – Most of Hillary’s supporters will vote for him and he’ll mop up his own

support and bring along those new democrats – students, young people, one-nation Republicans.

After all that’s been said in the past month who actually takes Hillary seriously as having judgement and a new style of


The choice is clear: More of the same from Hillary – for those who think the only way to tackle the Repubs is to act like them – or a real chance for change with Obama.



  1. Unfortunately Obama is an economic reactionary… he’s even said that North Korean isolation is an interesting idea…

    So, instead of ‘quasi-fascist junta-like reaction barriers’, the risk is ‘quasi-fascist or communist economic reaction barriers’ (we’re talking fascist in the strict sense – the sense that means FDR instituted fascist economic policies).

    Then again, he’s better than Clinton by a mile, and probably better than McCain on the basis that their economics is similar, but Obama has a more liberal streak when it comes to compelling people to act ‘in their best interests’ (ie he doesn’t like it).

  2. Are you in the right party?

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