Posted by: John | March 10, 2008

So who’s in charge?

As the governing group on Stockport Council if there was an ongoing increase of the equivalent (say £1m) we would be hammered by the opposition with cries of `who’s in charge?`

Nice to know Scrutineers are doing their job:

`The Commons defence committee said operational costs for this financial year were now forecast to reach £3.297bn – a 94% increase on last year.

This included a 72% rise in spending on Iraq to £1.648bn, despite ongoing falls in troop numbers.

Last year’s total spending on the two conflicts was £1.698bn.`

However, it’s not their responsibiliity but the MOD’s. Are we saying that the MOD is in charge of Foreign policy – or are we going to lay the blame where it lies – with the Labour Govt?

Of course, if the war had been wrapped up within weeks we’d never hear the end of it.



  1. The real obscenity in all this – especially the Iraq spend – is that Remploy factories are being shut down, post offices are closing, re- structuring (what a catch all word for every form of callous cruelty that is) of benefits is going to result in my neighbour losing her carers allowance and so on ad infinitum because ‘ —- can’t be afforded’. We have a paranoid, super authoritarian, Government ( a pretty good definition of fascist actually) calling itself ‘Labour’. What a prophet George Orwell was.

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