Posted by: John | February 20, 2008

I say Obahma, you say Obayma…..

Hillary, it’s time to call the whole thing off!

What Hillary supporters forget is that there can only be one candidate and in a Presidential system the Presidential candidate is going to be a frontman/woman.

Right now Barack Obama is that frontman – the best frontman they’ve had for 16 years. Wisconsin is a `purple` state – he won it hands down in an extemely competitive fight.

Soon he will have commanding leads in all demographics. The one demographic that should spell the writing on the wall for the Clinton campaign is the one for people that say `who is the best person that can beat McCain?

He will win VT, RI, TX and OH and Dean/Pelosi/Brazile will close in and call a halt the next day.

The Hillary campaign seems to be sophisticating about detailed ideas and policies – when it’s all about who can win and bring the team together to get those policies into fruition.

Don’t tell me Hillary won’t be there in a Obama administration helping all the way – because she will. As will Dodd, Biden, Richardson et al. The point is that the WI win gave the lie that Obama had no policies – people just sense that there is a movement for change going on in America and that they think Obama is the person to lead it. They don’t hate Hillary, they just prefer Obama.

Either that or let McCain win in November.



  1. Maybe Hillary would be a good choice to become Democratic leader in the Senate should she not win the primaries?

  2. Hillary is a machinist politician. She has had her time, she’s had the power, she already had her finest hour. There is no way she has any place in an Obama
    administration. She represents everything he stands against, her politics are the reason good ideas get compromised, watered down, butchered and die in Washington. She represents what most Republican and Democratic politicians represent: Special Imperialistic Interests. Her NAFTA and recently PERU free trade policy endorsments have helped deplete and destroy America’s Middle class, the very class she claims to support. The reason people don’t have health care and food on the table and their homes are foreclosing is because of her golabalization efforts. The jobs lost because of these policies are lost forever. It’s time we all put our bodies on the levers and the gears of this kind of political machinery and stop it from running.

  3. Someone needs to tell Obama the Whitehouse is not/will not be HIS. It is OURS. In his ads he says “MY” whitehouse. The Whitehouse belongs to the people. The President has the priviledge of staying there.

  4. Get real people Obama does not need to be our president. He will not say the pledge, he will not wear an AMERICAN FLAG pin. It makes you wonder why he wants to be president doesn’t it? America will not be America if he becomes president. I will be ashame for the first time in my life to be an American if Obama gets voted in. I truly don’t believe he can be trusted.
    If he is what the democrates have to choose from I will change my vote to the replublicians. I’m afraid he may even be the anti christ. He is an evil man just look into his eyes. Turn the T.V. down don’t listen to what he is saying just look into his eyes. He is full of ____. It has nothing to do with race like his people try to say people are looking at him, his eyes say it all.

  5. Bonjour du sud de la france,

    Félicitation pour votre pays, que votre peuple soit de nouveau bien vu du reste du monde.

    A bientôt

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