Posted by: John | February 17, 2008

Why is the private sector so rubbish?

So far this month i’ve had cause to complain about the following

My mobile phone company charging me for internet viewing i’ve never done – ie sky news comes up on the screen and i seem to be charged for trying to get rid of it

Then when I called to switch over they gave me a really good deal to keep me only to find that had changed with a new retention salesperson. They then put me back onto internet facility that i had to call up and say i didn’t want

I’m having a real ding dong battle too with a certain airline and what happened at Israeli security at Tel Aviv – i’ve received a second letter of gobbledygook with paragraphs cut and paste from a template so I’ll be having to call them explaining the situation that I originally wrote in my first piece of correspondence. I’m thinking that the local press or the BBC would be a better bet to write to.

Then don’t get me started on itunes – having bought a new ipod why do they make the software so difficult? You have to upgrade to itunes 7.4 etc etc. No i’m happy with itunes 6 thank you very much. These things just take more of our time for little or no reward when all we want to do is get on with our lives.

Let’s face it most `improvements` are simply gimmicks (memory sticks and optical mouse excluded) – the ones that aren’t stick out like a sore thumb.

That’s why I hate shopping as I feel that it’s just a ploy on the part of retailers to part with more money for absolutely zilch! In fact it’s got so bad now that I simply hardly ever shop.

One thing to note: I did buy an optical USB mouse (how i hate those old mice that get clogged up with all the dirt) and USB keyboard (those round things you stick the mouse in are just ghastly)  from the local district centre – a few streets from me. Never had a problem from those people – Fridge and Washing Machine from the local white goods sales and repair shop – mouse and keyboard from pc repair and sales shop – bed from local furniture retailer. No hassle all delivered and plumbed in, put up etc for no extra cost.

Compare that to the service you receive from the larger retailers.



  1. I think you make the mistake of assuming its the private sector which is rubbish here.

    Just imagine if it were the public sector (aka the government) – you wouldn’t even have most of the things you take for granted and any problems are likely to be far far worse and far more expensive.

    Government simply cannot run the many things which the private sector does – the economic calculation is too great, the only way to do it is through the price mechanism of the market.

    Nothing is perfect, but at least the private sector stands or falls over giving a good services (unless its supported by the state)

  2. My statement was a provocative one. I think it’s lazy to say that the public sector is useless – look at Northern Rock – we are propping up that institution.

    The point is that Private Sector is no better than the Public Sector – and vice versa – some companies are brilliant others are hopeless. My point about my Israeli experience is that there isn’t sufficient information and the market in cheap flights to Israel might be getting ahead of itself.

    It just seems i’m having to make more and more complaints about either incompetence or sharp practice.

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