Posted by: John | February 17, 2008

Barriers to employment

Just listening to Sarah Teather debating with a Labour MP Andrew Miller about temporary workers rights.

I think the balance is in the wrong place and there need to be a thorough look at this subject. Granted there needs to be a proper look at holiday pay etc – more importantly though is the need for an equal playing field to apply for permanent work for people in that same organisation.

Why do I think this? I once worked on a pilot project for an international financial institution which fell. I was praised for that work and moved elsewhere. One of the people doing the same job had moved on and I wanted to apply for that job. Problem was I couldn’t as `I wasn’t a permanent employee`.

The big questions facing politics at the moment are the barriers to employment – stand up Manchester City Council that bars anyone from working for it in many ways that live outside the Council boundaries! It’s the same for the McDonalds exams – they shouldn’t be just to get another job in catering but as an exit out of catering for those that want to do that.


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