Posted by: John | February 13, 2008

What’s happened to Libdemblogs?

Such a shame if this site has to permanently go down? Does anyone know what’s happening?


  1. I was blocked out myself mid-afternoon, but managed to hack back a bit. Got references to Apache webserver software being configurated.

    Looks like administrators of the server holding the site have installed new managements software and needed to upgrade their pointers to allow access to the content?

    Getting LibDemBlogs loud and clear now so lets hope all is well. An update from our own admins would be helpful though, assuming they have not been kept in the dark too.

  2. Unfortunately as much as I try I’m unable to be online 24/7, and even though the site was down for several hours, nobody thought to contact me directly (the joy of blackberry).
    As soon as I spotted the site was down I emailed my hosts for an answer, which they replied in their usual way of “we’ve looked and it’s working”.
    Just checked over everything and it now seems ok.

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