Posted by: John | February 9, 2008

More news on Israeli Security complaint

I’ve already complained to Thomsonfly, Lib Dems Friends of Israel etc about my treatment at Tel Aviv airport. Thomsonfly have responded by saying `Naturally I was concerned to learn of your disappointment with certain aspects of our security staff service at Ben-Gurion airport and sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide and the usual professionalism of our staff. I am truly sorry that you fell that this was not evident whilst checking in for your flight.

Our training programmes, for our staff both in the air and on the ground, place a large emphasis on service delivery and customer focus. This is a theme that we constantly seek to reiterate at every opportunity.

Your comments have been passed to our Airports Services Team to follow up with the agents concerned, in order for us to take immediate and appropriate action.

We thank you for travelling with us etc etc etc


Well i’m confused – Do Thomsonfly appoint their own Security staff – are they not employed by the Israeli Government? If not Thomsonfly have completely misunderstood my points.

I had NO PROBLEM with Thomsonfly at all – their check-in staff were excellent. I’m talking about the actual security staff that interrogated me.

I’m sending them another email asking for clarification. I know EL AL do have their own checks before you fly.


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