Posted by: John | January 2, 2008

The big spin question of 2008

We’ve been hearing it in the Councils, in the media and in Parliament – the cover protection for Labour’s mistakes – why soft Labour voters should stay with them – that they have presided over a ten year boom.

I take it then that Gordon Brown will be taking the blame for a poorer economy in 2008?

No I didn’t think so.

That’ll all be down to `sub-prime housing loans, global recession, strong pound` (stick in reasons as applicable).

Whenever new Labour spin doctors like Miliband say these things we must always remind them that they were claiming the better times as a New Labour achievement.

It’s the same with discgate (not me guv, it’s Paul Gray – so why wasn’t there a minister for HMRC as there’s a minister for nearly everything else), Northern Rock (not me guv, just events – so why was Applegarth allowed to leave with a golden goodbye – not to mention Wanless not saying anything), Loansgate (not me guv, I didn’t know – so who’s running the show?).

Whenever they try to claim that these sorts of things are nothing to do with them one question must be asked: `In a centralised system such as ours who’s running the show?`.

Don’t forget if it were a Lib Dem Govt they would be saying `Loony Liberals, Loser Liberals` etc etc. Be Smart, Be Brave but don’t give them an inch – those that know what they’re REALLY like keep on asking the questions pinning them down.

Remember who’s in Government with 22% of total population wielding enormous power!

Remember who goaded soft Labour voters and D&P Lib Dems to vote against CK on the last week of the 2005 election and on NATIONAL media `a Lib Dem vote is a vote for the Tories` thereby scaring voters into supporting Labour. Could it have made the difference in your area?

Remember who won’t give us a fair electoral system so as to shore up their own power!

Remember the tacit crude `corruption` they employ when they are forced in a corner!

Never surrender!


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