Posted by: John | December 6, 2007

What are we going to do about the BBC?

Just by watching Newsnight and Today’s Politics Show i wonder whether the BBC has become the CBBC – Conservatives Broadcasting Company.

I have made two complaints asking why no Liberal Democrats were featured on either show when they were talking about issues as far-ranging as Economics, Prisons, Small Businesses.

They have included Ken Clark as a `wise old man` in this pretend monetary panel (with two other people of the right including Mr Spitzer!), Domonic Grieve on prisons, the head of the Tory tax commission that simply dissed Local Government (indeed seemed to diss all Government).

It seems that the Tories are shouting louder than us? Were Cowley Street invited to put forward speakers? Did we push to have our voice heard?

Once the new leader is elected one of his first tasks will be to set out our stall and DEMAND equal airtime – indeed, we need to ram the barricades of the BBC – an organisation that is owned by ALL OF US.

We need to set up a telephone tree of complainants – one person on their own isn’t going to do the trick. I suggest we challenge the rules themselves as well as demanding equal airtime. 



  1. Actually Conservatives Broadcasting Company is CBC. CBBC is already taken – by my daughter and her cohorts – so leave off that TLA!

  2. This is a serious issue not confined to the BBC. Myself & my PPC have protested on a number of occasions. It would be good if we could co-ordinate some form of regular and organised protest but I am not holding my breath. We have tried it with the local media &local party members but somehow actually DOING something gets too difficult. Paul’s hopefully tongue in check comment neatly encapsulates the typical response. My cynical mind, especially with the BBC, wonders if they expect the Tories to win power & this current favouritism might then yield some reward. If I were them I’d follow the well worn truism that blessed is he that expecteth nothing for he shall not be disappointed.

  3. Sorry to take space again but today’s ‘Politics Show’ has Labour & Tory discussing renewable energy, especially wind farms. No LibDem representation of course. I mean we were talking about such matters when the Tory shadow energy minister was in nappies.

    I have sent off a protest to the programme.

  4. That’s good – I will look at Poltiics Show on VOD tonight.

  5. They’ve done it again. News24 at 10.06 today (10th Dec) re handing Basra back to Iraqis – Labour + Liam Fox. No libdem. I’ve sent a formal complaint. it seems like almost every ‘political’ programme/report would give grounds for complaint. Problem is that even us retired old duffers can’t watch TV all day everyday but if we only COULD get some form of campaign going it might be very powerful.

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