Posted by: John | December 5, 2007

Is Gordon Brown thick?

With all that’s been going on it’s sometimes the little things that show you that there will be more trouble ahead for him.

It was on here i mentioned Martin Bell being very guarded intimating he knew more than he was letting on.

It was on QT that a Tory said `who will they return the money too – not the illegal donors surely?`.

Now it seems that Gordon hadn’t even got this far with his thinking when he said the money would be returned at the press conference.

The money’s going back into general reserves – i guess they wouldn’t really want to give it back to David Abrahams. My thoughts though are that David Abrahams will not be too chuffed – does he know more. If so he’ll have an incentive to spill the beans. 

Now that Labour have put £600,000 back they only have about £24bn to find from more illegal donors and that’s Northern Rock sorted. Don’t tell Miranda Grell though – she’s hopeless with figures!


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