Posted by: John | December 1, 2007

Thoughts on Sigmund Freud

Today I took myself off with a good friend to visit the Sigmund Freud museum in North London (where else!).

On reflection one thought came to me – what role does new labour play in the political psyche of our country? It seems that we, as a people, have a will to be led by `strong` leaders. Nu Labour though take this as meaning to be led by a `strong` government in which they mean a variant on macho, butch or simply arrogant.

What is it about our country that we put up with so much centralisation; That we allow ourselves to be psychologically subservient to a centralising nu labour elite; that we are  so grateful for their gurus and magicians that say all will be well if we just listen to them or follow their mafia.

Politics is psychology and psychology is Politics – as such all politics is personal. It’s time to break off our shackles and after the 18th start working for a `democratic Liberal revolution` against the `Democratic Centralism` that we now have .

Let’s be bold and self-confident – and give a voice to the boldness and self-confidence of the British people.


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