Posted by: John | November 30, 2007

There’s a run on the Government

It seems clear to me that the Media have stored up loads of stories against Nu Labour ready for the right time – they judge that time to be now.

Gordon Brown’s arrogant mindgames with the British people must have been seen as the last straw by the media who sense it was a tipping point with the public too.

Who can blame them – this Government with its `democratic centralism` and only 22% of the total electorate’s votes.

What we need to do now is to keep putting the boot in and expose the Tories as the shallow politicians that they are.



  1. Putting the boot into Labour is now getting too easy. My ‘always been Labour’ friends are in a real fix because deep down they know that they don’t have a party to vote for. The Blair/Brown project has deserted everything Labour was supposed to stand for. It’s the Tories we really have to go for. That isn’t going to be so easy. Even they have realised that on some issues they can safely oppose Labour from the ‘left’ which, for the last decade, has been our traditional turf. For example in today’s Financial Times (1st Dec) there is a letter from a Tory MEP slamming the latest Government attempts to create fortress Britain. The more the Tories pinch our policies and ‘green’ themselves the more the voters will bypass us & vote for them because of the perception that voting LibDem will not create a ‘winning’ outcome. Effectively countering this is the great challenge for our new leader.

  2. We must expose them by out-liberalling them in a way that connects our core vote, soft conservaties, soft labour, independents and non-voters. We have to ensure we create a TINA narrative (there is no alternative) that the Conservatives cannot steal.

    This is easier where i live as the Conservatives only put out literature in one ward out of six.

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