Posted by: John | November 28, 2007

This one will run and run

In the furore surrounding the David Abrahams scandal (because that’s what it is) it’s difficult sometimes to see the wood for the trees particularly with the cast of characters that have sprung up in this situation.

Two or three things though have stuck in my mind:

1. Did anyone else notice Martin Bell’s body language on Newsnight? It was guarded to say the least. He intimated that he knew more than he was letting on and that there was more to come.

2. I had a loud guffaw at the Daily Mail headline `Can it get any worse?`. Of course it can they’ve got stories lined up from here till goodness knows when!

3. One thing’s for sure – I bet this sort of underhand systematic corruption’s been going on since kingdom come – particularly with Labour in the North East. It’s just that it’s coming home to roost now when the Journos sense it’s time for a change. I mean why would the David Abrahams story come out NOW when it could have been raised any time in the past few years.

That’s why i say there’s a lot more to come.

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentleman it’s going to be a bumpy ride – and with Vince and a strong leader as part of a great Lib Dem team we are in for fun and prosperous times!


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