Posted by: John | November 26, 2007

My problem with Chris

Having read and talked to Chris supporters in the past few weeks my main problem with him is this:

Chris seems to want to tactically press the activist buttons with the `I’m more left-wing than him` spin – whereas Nick talks about how we need to challenge ourselves to reach out to the whole country without diluting our Liberalism. In short I think Chris plays into the hands of those who want to feel comfortable whereas Nick challenges those that want to be challenged.

After the Manchester Hustings i realised something else – the President’s speech (as President rather than say Justice spokesman) has to be different to the Leader’s speech. 

I came away thinking that Chris would make a good President and that Nick had the harder edge to make a good Leader.



  1. The spin form the Clegg camp is that “Nick talks about how we need to challenge ourselves to reach out to the whole country “. Nick is indeed strong on passion, but I’m sorry, I’ve seen him in two hustings, and in three TV programmes, and am none the wiser as to what challenge he is offering.
    He tells us a lot about being angry about loss of civil liberties, poverty etc., but stops short of offering anything in the way of solutions which ‘challenge ourselves’.

    Is he just hoping to win the Leadership election by playing safe, and then preparing to unleash the ‘Centre Forum agenda’ on the party after the election? Call me an old cynic if you like, but if think if Nick wins, his ‘bunker’ will insist on manufacturing a row at the Spring Conference. Remember the debates on post offices and EU budgets at the Blackpool Conference?

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