Posted by: John | November 23, 2007

Why i voted for Clegg

I could go into all the reasons why I voted for Nick but in the main it comes down to this:

I am sick and tired of this party talking to itself instead of to the British people. I don’t think there’s any difference between the two candidates in policy terms (and if there are Chris’s have been tried and tested on the electorate many times before and look where that got us).

More than anything it comes down to what you feel `in your gut`. My gut instincts are that there’s something special about this guy and I want to give him the chance to lead our Party – it’s a hard choice but i’ve taken it.

I’m not interested in posturing on synthetic nuances (You will always be found out by Paxman and his ilk if you do that). I want my comfort zones to be challenged so that the Party can appeal to as many liberal-minded folk as possible.

And most of all I WANT US TO WIN – more Council seats, more AMs, more Scottish Parliament reps, more MPs!

I just feel it in my gut that if anyone can get us there Nick can. 



  1. ah truthiness.. a dangerous path to go off your gut but I do agree with you about why voting for Nick is the right thing to do! :p

  2. Despite the only available evidence suggesting the exact opposite?

    The only evidence that Nick has an better appeal to the general public seems to come from the fact that his campaign team keeps telling us that he does.

    The polling evidence suggests that Chris has succeeded in increasing support for the party in his portfolio area while Nick has decreased our support in his.

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