Posted by: John | November 22, 2007

Nick quotes about Sex and Power,,2214884,00.html#article_continue

Great article Nick – clear, consice and interesting. 



  1. But is the state really more overbearing than, say, in the 1970s when we had large numbers of nationalised industries, all sorts of controls over the economy, and the Chancellor wasn’t afraid to “tax the rich until the pips squeak”?

    Much of the rest of it sounds to me like whistling in the wind rather than demonstrating a real grasp of the issues. As an essay from a bright undergraduate, I’d give it alpha. From someone who’s posing as a potential prime minister – gamma/delta.

  2. I think Nick is essentially saying that it shouldn’t be a chore to access services or find information.

    I don’t know about you but it’d be impossible to go back to the 70s! No good pining for an alternative past – only thing is to communicate with those liberal-inclined voters that don’t already vote for us and go forward to the future!

  3. I’m not pining for the 1970s, just suggesting that Nick’s comments don’t indicate any great thought, and do suggest a mind rather too influenced by what I call the Neo-Trots.

    To say that Nick is saying it shouldn’t be a chore to access services is rather silly, when he’s advocating the idea of making it more of a chore – we should all spend our time diligently researching between different service providers before picking one. Some may find that fun, but I think most would just like their local school, hospital, social care provider to be good enough so they don’t have to spend time searching and can be confident their most local one will do a good job.

    Nick praises direct payments for social care, for example. Sure, it’s good to have that available as an option, and for a small number of mentally able but physically disable people, maybe searching around for just the right sort of care provider is fun, or at least something they are prepared to invest time in. But look, is your average person who requires social services care – elderly, just out of hospital, frail and quite possibly moving into borderline dementia, really going to want to take on this chore?

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