Posted by: John | November 22, 2007

Is it time to rethink football?

I admit I’m not a huge fan of the game EXCEPT at World and European cup levels. So I’m saddened that my interest in 2008 will wane.

It is quite frankly, to steal a phrase, calamitous that England are  not going to be represented.

I remember the last final when Greece won and I couldn’t help ponder over the fact that their manager was on about a tenth of Sven’s money. The plucky Greeks were on a renaissance as a nation – I wonder what this tells us about England?

Perhaps we need to start paying the managers and players by results. That would soon focus minds!

I couldn’t help chuckling at David Beckham’s comments on this morning’s Today programme saying that it didn’t matter how much money you spent on players when you had a side like the Croats. I completely agree David – let’s pay the lot of you a lot less money as it doesn’t really matter! Never one to be that bright our David.

I’ve often thought that if they dropped the players wages there’d be improved results as players’ minds would be on football – after all if you’re receiving a telephone number income anyway you might not put your heart and soul into it!

I’ve often thought that football at the national and premiership level shows up in relief the distortions of extreme yang-centred capitalism.


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