Posted by: John | November 21, 2007

Is Chris pitching for the Shadow Chancellors job?

I only wonder from the following message on Newsnight:

`Well I think we all have our strong suits, I’m simply saying that my strong suit, clearly having been in those areas is being able to take Gordon Brown on on the Economy, which is going to be dominant issue as Bill Clinton said.`

I always thought that he was going for the Environment job last time and using the leadership as a long shot. I think he’s going for another job this time and using the leadership as a `short shot`?

Problem is Vince is doing a fantastic job on those issues and Chris is playing for high stakes.

Whatever happens Nick did very well last night and the news backdrop (with the civil disobedience stuff) couldn’t have been better for him.



  1. How about Chris for Shadow Chancellor and Vince for Shadow DWP then? Vince seems more interested in debt, tax credits and pensions anyway…

  2. Vince for Shadow DWP sounds good, but I can’t see how Chris can Shadow the Chancellor when he’s taking on PM Gordon Brown as Leader!

    I think too many of you think Clegg’s got this in the bag, well he hasn’t. Normally the more ‘moderate’ candidate gets the armchair members vote, but don’t forget most of Nick’s MP backers were all saying Ming was the answer not so long ago, and those members may be less likely to listen to the ‘great and good’ a second time.

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