Posted by: John | November 18, 2007

It’s time for Nick!

Great art to me is the conjunction of the disciplined with the creative. What was so stunning about Chris’s performance today was that it missed both these targets by miles.

I’ve often said that we should get more abrasive – the point is there is a way to do this that ADDS VALUE. Chris’s performance today detracted value from our brand.

Chris doesn’t seem to realise that he has to pick fights on things that matter! It’s easy to  pick a fight at election time to boost core and probable turnout – the difficult thing to do is to boost turnout for your candidate from those that WOULDN’T USUALLY VOTE FOR YOU OR ANYONE.

I can’t see anything of Chris’s character displayed today that would turn on anyone new as the anger wasn’t linked to any specific REAL difference. There is a difference between being abrasive/assertive/combative and that of bullying. The public see it and don’t like it.

It seems that Chris has taken on the desires of activists not to just being a nice party by going to the other extreme to compensate. It’s not intelligent and it’s not funny!

When the history books have been rewritten people will say that today is the day when people decidec to plump for Nick that weren’t sure before.   



  1. Huhne sank to the gutter today. Really bad for our party.

    And the so-called apology and excuse from Huhne’s campaign is even worse and leaves several unanswered questions.

    I’ve posed a couple of them here:

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