Posted by: John | November 16, 2007

BBC: what a shower

Cleggites are saying one thing and Huhnites are saying something different. Is either looking at the bigger picture – that of the anti-lib dem bias at the BBC?

I was left shouting at the screen as neither of the two candidates were really given the breathing time and air to come out to fully display their passion.

I got the impression there was a tension between the Party and the BBC about the purpose of the programme. Was it to help members decide or to show our wares to the general public? It tried to be both!

At one point Dimbleby said `we’re here to discuss the differences between the two of you not to display the wares of the Liberal Democrats` or words to that effect!

Why do we allow this to happen? I would much rather we had had a proper debate in the hall and have Lab/Con talking heads on Question Time Extra.

Whoever leads us has got to take the fight to the BBC and DEMAND fair coverage – and we have got to get behind them and tell the BBC what’s what – after all the reason why the BBC is really scared of allowing us our real airpower is the bullyboys of our enemies.

Let’s stop being nice and start throwing our weight about!



  1. AMEN!!!!

  2. It was also noticeable that even yesterday the BBC1 website gave no more indication than did Radio Times that Question Time as to be a Liberal Democrat leadership special. D Dimbleby did trail the fact at the end of last week’s programme – otherwise I, like many many others, would have missed it. For those who did not know it was on, note that there is an abbreviated repeat (30 mins duration) on BBC24 starting at 8.30pm tomorrow night (Saturday 17th November). And the two are banging away again on BBC1 on Sunday starting at noon (The Politics Show).

  3. You’re dead right. Of course QT generally prefers knockabout over substance, so we should hardly be surprised that they suppress the substance for the head to head.

    Banal questions with predictable answers, every week. A waste of schedule.

  4. It is now obvious that Dimbleby is past his best and “not fit for purpose”.
    Eddie Maier did a much better job when taking over when Dimbleby was not available – though I suspect the “fat controllers” at the BBC will soon bring him to heel, as they have done for Dimbleby – My! the power that a pension and a possible knighthood invokes.

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