Posted by: John | November 15, 2007

Them that do leaflets – for whom are they voting?

Just doing a sample of six or seven fellow Cllrs – almost to a woman and man were voting for Nick Clegg. One was for Chris and one unsure.

One of these cllrs (although very good at his portfolio role) voted in opposite direction in the Euros and for Ming Campbell last time (I voted Hughes, Huhne). He like me has posted his support on Nick’s site.

Nick seems to be uniting the different `wings` of the Party in a way that Chris isn’t.

The sticking point though is localism – which model do we use to reform our ailing democracy? One side says just pass it all down to people on the ground (who’s then responsible?) while the other says that it should be by elected people (i favour this as this is more democratic and provides a focus for responsibility).

I don’t like the suggestion that it’s all `middle-class bureaucrats` as it should be elected politicians (who else at the end of the day?).

One could argue of course with the first model that power would be handed to self-serving handpicked activists!



  1. And everyone misses the most liberal thing – individuals having control over their lives. The marketplace being the decision making mechanism – its the most democratic, everyone takes part. Lobbying consists of lobbying everyone not just a few politicians.

    No wonder pressure groups are fond of government – its much easier to shout at government to get the things you want (and want to force on others) than to actually change people’s attitudes. The latter is most effective in the long run however. Want to stop people using plastic bags? Offer them a better alternative which satisfies their demands in a better way, don’t seek to use government force to do it.

  2. I disagree somewhat – markets aren’t elected and you can’t get rid of markets. However, there a politician is a person whom is a focus for pressure groups. Whether or not the pressure group gets their way is the decision for politicians.

    My guess is that politicians have got a bad name due to the devaluing of strategy, vision and leadership at the local level something that doesn’t apply to Liberal Democrat Stockport might I say! We should stop scolding ourselves and taking on board the flagellation of the public – politicians are people like any other and we should show the good work Lib Dems do up and down the country.

    The thing is who’s going to tax the plastic bags? There’s no other way to get rid of them really. However, saying that, the supermarkets are beginning to understand with their `bags for life` – pity they don’t do the same thing with packaging – down to the Government i’m afraid as the markets in this case don’t work! Governments have to tackle ALL vested interests not just those of the powerful.

    On the issue of delivery I agree we have to explore all avenues – the important thing as you say is individuals having control.

  3. Have these members been to a Hustings?
    I went to the Bristol one & was very impressed with Chris – full of passion. Nick was ……… underwelming.I’m now backing Chris, he was streets ahead on my score card. If Nick wins I just hope he grows into the job.

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